Claudia Suen, Suen Tarot, Hawaii

1-Claudia STangible wind behind my sails…

Sherry has helped me through my battle with cancer over the past 20 years. Her sessions have always brought a subtle yet powerful relief from the side effects of the treatment for my illness. I could feel a bubble of calming comfort that eased my suffering. Now that the cancer treatments are over, I am recovering very quickly. Sherry’s work has been a tangible wind behind my sails.

What I totally respect and admire about Sherry’s skill is her wisdom. She understands the difference between power and wisdom. Psychic ability is power but without wisdom there is no humility. She has both. The most fun part is she has a great sense of humor. In this total woo-woo new age flood of information, it is refreshing to experience a grounded, talented, real person.

Claudia SuenSuen TarotHawaii