How this KKK member hanging up his robes had a profound impact on me

Yesterday I read an exceptional article about a US immigrant Muslim doctor living in Atlanta who is (and I am not kidding) running an underground railroad for racists. The article shared the story of one KKK member who was ready to hang up his robes and has now escaped his enslaved consciousness of hatred.

This article had a profound impact on me at a deep, visceral level. I literally cried while reading this powerful story of empowerment.

Interestingly, I’m aware my response was as direct result of the big energy shifts happening right now.​​​​​​​

Uranus is in Taurus now causing the grid system that used to support you become cobwebs.

The effects can be felt far and wide. It’s expansive in your consciousness and how you are connected on earth – both at once.

How is this cosmic reset treating you? I have noticed clients being anywhere from more blissed out to being spaced out or unusually hesitant.

This shift is causing unrest for some and rightfully so. We’re bracing for something new coming right around the corner or feeling like something has ended. But what is new isn’t something you can touch quite yet. The old is gone but the new isn’t quite aligned yet.

Maybe what you value is shifting. You might be noticing what you’re feeling about your job, or getting more fine-tuned into who you truly are. You might feel you need to move or maybe you have already.

You may find accessing communication is more challenging. Expressing yourself now takes on different levels of meaning. You’re questioning: is the old you letting go? Or is the new you coming online in a new attunement with the new bandwidth we are all plugging into?

This cosmic shift is why.

When I think about those KKK members who use the underground railroad to free themselves from their internal slavery, they become empowered by choosing their own destiny. They will now have more opportunity, their vision will change and eyes be more opened to what is before them than ever before.

How profoundly extraordinary is that!?

Making our way through the
cosmic energy shift affecting us all​​​​​​​

Uranus orbits sideways, it reminds me of a lightning bolt stealing first base. It symbolizes the unexpected shifts that you have felt or are about to implement in your life. You are both the baseball player sliding into your destiny at the same time you are the crowd surprised at what you are doing.