Julia J., VP Business Development, Illinois

1-Julia J$40,000 raise and better benefits…

While working with Sherry I got a job offer for $40,000 more than I was making plus better opportunity and better benefits.

Sherry saved my life. Sherry has assisted me thru pregnancy and healed me when I was told by doctors I had serious medical problems. She helped my best friend have a baby. Sherry helped me deal with and set boundaries with an abusive husband. She has given me some of the best advice that has completely changed my life. I have achieved greatness in my life and would not be who I am today without her.

What I like best about Sherry, she will never come out and tell you anything you are not ready to hear. She cautiously approaches the deepest parts of yourself and cuts cords releasing energetically the things you don’t need. Sherry has a gift. I have no idea how she does it I just know it works.

She knew I had an illness before my doctors did when I was hospitalized giving birth. I was so worried about my son, but she said it was me that needed the attention first. With Sherry’s help I have found love and also removed toxic people from my life. When you do a Sherry session you learn not only about yourself but how you interact with the people in your life.

People always ask “she does all this over the phone?” YES!!! I have been on the phone and she will be working on my stomach and all of the sudden it starts rumbling. Sherry sees things that we can’t. She has saved my life, given me strength when I was weak and changed the lives of all the people I have referred her to.

With her guidance I have found love, let go of love, gotten jobs, turned down jobs, had babies, literally every life changing event I will not do without a SHERRY SESSION. After a Sherry Session you feel clear, confident in your decisions and healthier. The things she knows and says are mind blowing.

The best part about Sherry, during a session she proceeds cautiously. Before she does something she asks your higher self if this is the right thing. She is highly trained. Her actions and healing is done with great skill. You will never hear anything you are not ready for. Sometimes she has waited years to tell me something. Her job is not to change destiny. Her job is to guide you to your best strongest self in any given situation. I compare cleaning the grime off the most beautiful antique to find diamonds underneath. She energetically cleanses you. Sherry gives you exercises, meditations, things to do, vitamins to take, etc. Sometimes she tells you that you need to see a doctor. Her advice is detailed, specific and easily understood.

I am so thankful that she is alive. I am so thankful I met her. She has helped me in my life more than anyone. I met her in 1996 on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have saved my notes from all my Sherry sessions. You will be a better person after working with her. Things make more sense. Decisions are easier. I am a better person because of Sherry.

Julia J.VP Business DevelopmentIllinois