Empowering Clients with Tools for Life Enhancement

By accessing the infinite potential, I can help you shift your life. Pain, past limitations, scarcity consciousness, memories that trap your mind, and undesired behavior can be transmuted. Claim your hidden talents and reclaim your best life. The past no longer needs to hold you back and the future will shift as you do.

I Rise to the Sacred Union of My Evolved Soul

Learn the new divine codes to having extraordinary intuition, manifesting within your unique flow, and rejuvenating and healing your body.

New program begins June 17th

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New Membership Programs!

Many of my clients have asked for an easy way to get regular monthly Group Calls or Dolphin Weekends. My new membership programs make this simple and easy. Just sign up once and we take care of the rest. Automatic billing to your credit card or PayPal account and you are automatically included in a monthly Dolphin Weekend or Group Call or both! Just select the membership that fits your needs and budget. And, you can change your membership or cancel at any time.

Monthly Group Call - $27/month

Join Sherry each month for an energizing group call that you can participate in live or receive the energy in the recording or simply receive the direct energy transmission. Sherry’s calls are very popular and include relevant energy transmissions for the group and current energetic conditions. You will be able to send in a written question prior to the call and Sherry will take some questions live on the call.

Monthly Dolphin Weekend - $37/month

You will receive LiveEnergy Download™ of angelic and loving Dolphin energies for two days over a weekend each month to assist your experience of rejuvenation, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, balance, harmony, joy playfulness and bliss. Many people report feeling lightness and easy access to solutions of playfulness. These weekends are silent transmissions without any interruptions to your plans. Read more at: Dolphin Weekend.

Best of Both - $57/month

Pamper your self with both the Monthly Group Call and the Monthly Dolphin Weekend. Join Sherry each month for an energizing and invigorating group call. She will focus the energies of the call on the desires and needs of the participants and will address both written and live questions. And, receive LiveEnergy Download™ of angelic and loving Dolphin energies for two days over a weekend each month to boost your balance, harmony, joy playfulness and bliss. These weekends are silent transmissions without any interruptions to your plans.

Bonus for Joining Now!

When you join one of my new Membership programs, you will receive a coupon good for an extra 10% off my already low Returning Clients prices for Personal Sessions. Just follow the instructions in the Welcome email you receive after joining the Membership program of your choice.

My Clients are Saying…

1-Easter AI am beautiful. You removed decades of self-loathing and I feel ecstatic!

I wanted to follow up with you because your work is AWESOME!

For the first time in a very long time, I have been enjoying the reflection of my 5’3″ 200+ pound body. I look hot and I would ask me out on a date if I weren’t me! My hair looks shiny and full. You removed decades of self-loathing and I feel ecstatic! Thank you!

My back also feels much looser. Your work is incredible. Thank you.

Thank you, Sherry, for your thorough and deeply healing work. You helped me to reclaim control of my body image by removing outside influences. I had tears of relief and joy and I can now appreciate my beauty. You also worked extensively on relaxing tension in my body. I had felt like my body was slowly stiffening and becoming rigid over the last three years. After you finished your healing work on me, my hips and back felt loose and free. I was able to twist my torso farther than I have been able to in a long time and my legs feel like they are swinging from my hips. I am so grateful for you and your deep work.

Easter AlexanderCalifornia