Empowering Clients with Tools for Life Enhancement

By accessing the infinite potential, I can help you shift your life. Pain, past limitations, scarcity consciousness, memories that trap your mind, and undesired behavior can be transmuted. Claim your hidden talents and reclaim your best life. The past no longer needs to hold you back and the future will shift as you do.

Complete Mastery of the energies necessary for the next paradigm... 

Clear and upgrade all your body systems

Experience continuous flow with your abundance

Claim your self regulating system for pain relief

Seamlessly resolve co-dependence

These initiations will continue to work with your soul for the next five years! 

Listen to Sherry and Eram Saeed discuss the Magnetic Lotus:

      1. FHTJ Interview 2016-08-17 - Magnetic Lotus

 Instantly charge your field with purity and balance of body, mind and spirit

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My Clients are Saying…

My grandson was born healthy, with big feet…

Sherry cleared my family’s karma, ancestral issues and patterns in-vitro for my unborn grandson after my daughter was rushed to the hospital with early labor and bleeding. It stopped immediately. Sherry told us many characteristics he would be born with including his extra-big feet that he would love. As soon as he was born, the doctor commented on how big his feet were. Our family is so happy he was carried to term and born healthy.

Vicki MaloneMidwifeIdaho