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This is your Package B Homepage. Bookmark this page so you can easily get to the downloads and class recordings. I have just sent you an email with additional information about your package and the link to get back here as well.

Your Sincere Heart

Transformation Calls

Please add the call schedule to your calendar. Be sure to convert to your local time zone. I will email you two days before the date of each call with the details of how to join the group and how to send me your questions before the call. I will also post the information here on this page. A courtesy reminder email will be sent 2 hours before the call begins. 

The transformation calls will be approximately 90 minutes. Recordings will be posted after the call and a reminder email with the link will be sent to you when they are posted. If you are not able to attend the live call, the replay will have the same energies for you as listening live.

Before You Listen to the mp3s

Each mp3 represents the energetic signature of the class and holds the initiation energies. The calls are designed to deepen your creative connection and show you how to keep it fueled for greater authenticity and manifestation. Many will experience releases. In fact, each recording has energies to separate out what keeps you from your authentic self. My recommendation is to go slow before the first call . The calls and the mp3s work together like a lock and key. However, for those of you who go ahead, if you have some releasing come up, play The Authentic Heart mp3 and love all the parts of yourself participating in what you are experiencing. These were designed for conscious participation rather than passive listening while sleeping.

Sacred Geometry


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Having Technical Trouble?

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Your Personal Session

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The Authentic HeartTransformation 1 - The Authentic Heart

This is the foundational heart call to restore the authentic heart and bring grounding and heart-centered bliss.

Learn to use your heart to neutralize resistance to wholeness and empowerment. I will teach you a heart protocol to empower you, heal the splits within your being and set the stage for your most creative manifestations. To be able to fully engage the creative realm, your heart must be moving towards wholeness. Learn to create without burning yourself out.

Replay of the Live Call

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Bonus Clearings After the Call

Click to download the recording to your computer:


Clearing for Sovereignty

Transformation 2 - Clearing for Sovereignty

Clearing resistance and saboteurs to your sovereignty.

Teaching you a process of building your energetic architecture to create your better life. We will clear your field for intrusions and teach you to cast your own grid for keeping your body from leaking energy and assist you in knowing when other energies are close. Increases awareness. 

Replay of the Live Call

Click to download the recording to your computer:


Transformation 3 - Initiate the Dream Catcher Energy

Learn how to create your personalized grid to manifest your heart's desire with the proper alignment to the creative realm of the universe. Learn how to naturally set your energy to disintegrate old grids and create new ones.

Initiate the Dream Catcher

Replay of the Live Call

Click to download the recording to your computer:



Transformation 4 - Ignite Your Creative Soul

Learn a creative alchemical process to assist you in igniting the fires of your inner muse. It fuels money making, improving your health, boosting your mojo and your zest for life.

Your Creative Soul

Replay of the Live Call

Click to download the recording to your computer:


The Authentic Heart
Item 7 - Length 8:44

Heart process, foundational coming home, finding the resistant  spots and loving them to wholeness and empowerment.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Dream Catcher for Energy Integrity
Item 8 - Length 8:55

Increasing awareness for preserving the integrity of your energy field and keeping your energy from leaking.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Luminescent Dream Catcher Visualization
Item 9 - Length 7:37

Capture your heart's desire, your true destiny and purpose and learn  a new way to manifest it with the wisdom that was once taught to spider women, from my light team.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Dolphin Spirit 10 - Igniting the Creative Soul
Item 10 - Length 9:52

With these specific alignments, the creativity of the universe is your playground.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Expanding Creativity
Item 11 - Length 7:16

Using Sacred Geometry, this teaching and energetic alignment empowers your creative potential.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

The Authentic Heart PureEnergy Download™
Bonus Item 1 - Length 6:01

This is for expanding and clearing the heart, self-acceptance and Inviting all of yourself into love.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Preserving Energy Integrity PureEnergy Download™
Bonus Item 2 - Length 6:01

Strengthening your aligned state to intrusions and your sovereignty. There is a vortex to attract yourself to your core and gently pushing out intrusions. There is also layers for becoming intuitively aware of where you are leaking your energy and restoring it.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Luminescent Dream Catcher Visualization 
PureEnergy Download™
Bonus Item 3 - Length 6:01

This is designed to reflect the true heart's desire and align with the highest self. Layers of accepting dreams beyond our knowing, benefits we have not yet considered, discernment for resonant desires. There were physical attunements made for the quantum particles up through your whole body, mind and spirit.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Dolphin Spirit 10 - Igniting the Creative Soul 
PureEnergy Download™
Bonus Item 4 - Length 6:01

This is layered with bliss, loving how you look and feel. Aligning you to your most desired state. There was an additional layer of aligning to your best numbers of measurements.  Plus rejuvenation of skin and face. Artful expression and expressing yourself beyond your cultural limitations.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Expanding Creativity PureEnergy Download™
Bonus Item 5 - Length 6:01

This was lovingly created with help from sacred geometry, colors and dolphin energies. It aligns grids to attract you to your heart's desire.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

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  1. Call 2 was very powerful indeed. I asked to be included on most of the callers questions and energy shifts. I feel really blessed to be working with such a soul who is not only affective but genuin, fair and so whole and so complete and accepting. before the call I have listened to the MP3’s the first time I listened to them I felt the down load. my inner voice came forward and I hear it clearly since working with Sherry…the call brought up alot of grief and pain around my throat. toward the evening anger and irritableNess was emerging and fatigue set it…during the call I was climbing out of deep whole I named debtors prison…I said you are done no more I was talking to it but unable to transform it I to the light even while loveing it had this tornado affect that I was resisting with power. expressing my anger that everyone enjoys abundance while i was sucked into this dark dark place. thank you for assisting me in coming forward to clear this not just for me but for all…the night progressed fatigue and could not move. I saw Sherry pop in quickly and the whole sucked me right in but this time it was bottomless lol and I was spinning through it top to bottom top to bottom crying such pain…it was as intense as having a baby…I breathed through it loved it cried deep tears and with in minutes it was over…with gratitude I am grateful for every experience and shift I am receiving. An incredible adventure we all created together.


    • It sounds like a powerful day of rebirth Jacquie! Take good care of yourself with hydration and keep filling those spaces with love.

  2. Powerful Call…Follow up on my question…After reading your last email..I felt aligned…About 10 minutes ago, my body started vibrating and with a few minutes stopped…feeling very sleepy now. Mahalo

  3. Thank you very much Sherry for all the beautiful work you did on transformation call 1 & all the bonus clearings!!!

    I resonated with so many of them…love all these yummy energies, shifts and integration’s…!

    Looking forward to a golden future for all of us…<3

    Infinite blessings!

  4. To get the most from our first call on August 25th, listen to The Authentic Heart mp3 before the call. I’m very excited, the energies are very beautiful for this call.

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