Empowering Clients with Tools for Life Enhancement

Sherry is an internationally renowned healer that transforms lives. Through her work, she has manifested abundance, resolved relationship troubles, relieved chronic pain and illness, rejuvenated lives and extended quality of life, upgraded business and financial opportunities, and helped with fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.
Sherry Phillips Swatek is a soul whisperer, a medical intuitive, and a spiritual and business mentor. She is a multi-dimensional integrator; she helps her clients find the parts of their life, their soul, that have become dis-integrated and bring them back into alignment with love and acceptance. Sherry’s talent to quickly find and resolve the root causes makes her work fast and powerful.
Sherry is a clear channel and has experienced clear communication since childhood. She is a master in light work, body work and deep feminine processes. It is not unusual for messages to be delivered on multiple levels during her sessions, non-verbally. She has been gifted with prophecies, multiple energetic processes and she has mentored many teachers and energy workers. Her working knowledge of the human body at the molecular, physical, spiritual, metaphysical, and energetic levels empowers her ability to synthesize the necessary energies for soul synthesis within the body mind and spirit.