Jeffrey Lowe, Idaho

Walking pain free in a half hour…

I have known Sherry Swatek for almost 40 years and she has always been a woman of the deepest integrity.  Her abilities to help those looking for assistance in healing, surpass anyone else I know.  I have worked with many great people in my life time but none possess the skill and insight that Sherry has.  She is able to look into the very core of the soul to see where the injury lies, whether it is spiritual, physical or emotional.  Those distinctions are very important to the healing process.  Sherry has a unique bag of gifts. She helped me through the darkest nights of my soul. She was there when I had eye surgery and reduced the pain, she was there through panic attacks and deep pain in my feet and back. She reduced 10 pain down to zero within an hour. She got me out of my chair and walking pain free in a half hour.  I highly recommend her as someone who has a lovely heart and uses it to the benefit of physical world.

Jeffrey LoweIdaho