Valerie P., Vancouver, Canada

1-Valerie PUnbelievable shift in family dynamics…

I received a clearing from Sherry regarding family dynamics which were on going for so many years. It had been my biggest weakness in moving forward in my life and my daughter’s life. It was on the paternal side with her father and his father and so on. His father recently passed away and we had gone to say goodbye that day just before he passed. There had been deep painful issues between my daughter’s dad and me, which shifted into issues between my daughter and her dad. They had not seen each other for almost a year. After the clearing, the communication was calm and clear. My daughter wrote him a letter and she went out for lunch with him today. He just picked her up and we all communicated very pleasantly. This is such an unbelievable shift. I am so appreciative of Sherry’s unique insight and gifts. Thank you so much, Sherry, for doing this for my daughter and for the family. I highly recommend Sherry.

Valerie P.Vancouver