Sarah Gonzalez Meyers, Mother, Body Worker, Yuen Method Master, Florida

1-Sarah GMPain and immobility improved, calmer and at peace…

I was having a hard time improving some of my own back and neck problems that were bothering me as a result of many accidents in my youth. My ribs were off to the right and I had referred pain down my legs. I was hunched over, my sacrum hurt to lay down. I lost the curve in my lumbar spine. After a session with Sherry, my pain went from an 8 to a 4 in twenty minutes and standing was a 3. After continued work, my whole body improved. I have less pain and everything feels looser. I can move more freely and am very grateful! I also feel calmer and more at peace.

Sarah Gonzalez MeyersMother, Body Worker, Yuen Method MasterFlorida