Hear the Dolphin Call

In times of change or expansion, Sherry has found that dolphin spiritual energy brings about joy, physical comfort, and can quicken a shift, deliver love, and lift depressed thoughts and stagnation. They also activate the inner divine child's creativity. From her first meeting with them at the age of seven, she connected to the vast infinite joy they want to give people, in or out of the water. Sherry has personally experienced miracles of dolphin spirit energy and she will share this with you, and how you can also experience these miracles on the call

The Essential Dolphin Spirit energy are available to everyone who connects with them in or out of the water. The beautiful essential energies are similar to Archangel energy, with the additional energies of play, sensuality, creativity boosts, and  ecstasy. They assist in moving stagnation out of the body and assisting with all types of body upgrades and healing for spiritual, mental and physical well being.

October 2015 Dolphin PodCast

Our October 2015 Dolphin PodCast call was held on Saturday, October 17 at 9:00am US/Pacific time. This call felt sacred to me. Thank you so much for participating and l look forward to our next call. Here is the recording of that call:

Click to download the recording to your computer:

November 2015 Dolphin PodCast

Our November 2015 Dolphin PodCast call was held on Saturday, November 21 at 12:00pm US/Pacific time. This call was filled with light, playful Dolphin energy. Here is the recording of the call.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

December 2015 Dolphin PodCast

Our December 2015 Dolphin PodCast call was held on Sunday, December 20 at 3:00pm US/Pacific time. An amazing end to the year with light and love. Here is the recording of that call:

Click to download the recording to your computer:


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