July 2015 Dolphin PodCast

Our new Dolphin PodCast program that I began on July 11, 2015 was a huge success. Over 80 people joined the call live and I was able to speak personally with 18 guests. Many who were not able to join the call (and quite a few who did!) have asked for a replay of the call. So, here it is. Please enjoy this replay and I hope you decide to join me for my next Dolphin Podcast.

Hear the Dolphin Call

My second season of Dolphin PodCasts will include three transformative live calls with initiations, activations, and personal clearings and live Q&A filled with the essential energies of the Dolphins. When you buy the full season, you will also get downloadable replays of all 3 calls. You can get the full season for only $57.00 or one call for just $27.00.

Here's what you get:

  • Downloadable recording of the October call
  • Access to the November 21st live call
  • Downloadable recording of the November call
  • Access to the December 20th live call
  • Downloadable recording of the December call

Select one:

The Summer of Dolphin Love

The Summer of Dolphin Love, my first season of Dolphin PodCasts, has ended. But, you can still get downloadable replays of all 3 calls for just $35!

Here's what you get:

  • Downloadable recording of the July call
  • Downloadable recording of the August call
  • Downloadable recording of the September call


  1. Thank you for this podcast. your voice is so sweet, sincere and soothing.. Thank you and much love, always Susan

  2. Thank YOU, Sherry! Many shifts occurred after this call, in areas that I have been stuck for a while…

    Clearly the Dolphins ‘like’ me; having first heard of Kumari Mullen’s Dolphin Weaver meditation in 2012 on World Puja. Thereafter, a dolphin appeared to me in dream-time, and advised me that a company (I was given a specific name) was dumping ‘bleach’ into a specific area in the ocean in my country which was affecting them. At the time, I googled the area and the company’s name – While the company was not situated near the ocean, they were close enough to transport the bleach to the location cited. I started meditating, focusing on the dolphins.
    After a while, I had another dream of a happy ‘family of dolphins’ – They advised that they were healed from the meditations that I did on their behalf.

    Your activation is the only other Dolphin activation that I have listened to. It had a profound effect on me… I feel more clear-headed, wake up earlier, and have much more energy during the day (I was recently feeling very tired from the direct impact of a few incidents of crime).

  3. Dear Sherry I bought your package in Eram’s and I am enjoyed very much the metaphysical grid. I absolutely loved the dolphin call so much so that today I bought the other 2 calls I know that the second call was today. My Paypal gave me confirmation of the payment but I haven’t received anything from you and I would love to listen the reply today. Can you confirm if you received the payment and If I am going to receive my 2 dolphin calls form August and September please?

  4. Hello Sherry, Thank you for all you do. I love it. I am trying to play the replay but it does not play. Please help. Thank you very much…. Many Blessings,
    Maria de Lourdes

  5. I have been give strange guidance today, after listening to your podcast… to stay indoors, do not open the windows, and do not make a noise. To be as quiet as possible. I feel like a little kid, that has been told to be very, very still (as if my making a noise will trigger ‘something’ not sure what?)

    • I used to get unusual guidance as to where to be and when. So it does often bring up resistance, something else to love and clear, the little kid. Love the inner child that resists. Also, sometimes guidance asks us to be still for certain processes. The key is, is the voice your inner guidance or a voice echo of something you are clearing? I will send energy for this for the entire group.

      With Gratitude,


  6. Hi Sherry,
    Thank you for the replay of the podcast. I listened a few times to the first part, because the dolphinenergy in it is so strong and beautiful!
    It touched a deep blockage within me and it feels like much of it has cleared.
    Thanks again, with love,

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