My Clients are Saying…

Natalia Glouchko, Toronto, Canada

1-Natalie GHealth professionals were amazed…

I am so grateful to you, Sherry, for support and energy healing for my husband after he got heart attack. Your wonderful work was very obvious that even the health professionals were amazed by the progress in his recovery. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Laura L., Illinois

1-Laura LPregnant the first month after years of trying…

Sherry is truly an amazing gifted healer. She is warm, kind and compassionate. Working with Sherry, I had finally gotten pregnant and have a beautiful daughter. She had told me a little girl was waiting for me and my right ovary was clogged. She had worked with me remotely and cleared my ovary and within a month I was pregnant. I had tried getting pregnant for years and worked with fertility specialists with no success. I now work with Sherry for emotional balance, as a life couch, grief, depression, and back pain. Each session with her I feel energized and harmony in my life.

Laura L., Illinois

1-Laura FRestored my life and confidence…

Sherry, you have given me peace of mind, balance, strength and harmony. As a battered woman, I was broken, depressed, and the only emotion I had was fear. By working with you I have overcome PTSD, co-dependence and depression. In addition, I can finally love myself again and be a confident woman. Your healing work is POWERFUL. Each session I could feel my energy shift and working with light, positive energy, take and process my emotions. Thank you for restoring my life and confidence. I’m a survivor because of you.

Sarah Gonzalez Meyers, Mother, Body Worker, Yuen Method Master, Florida

1-Sarah GMPain and immobility improved, calmer and at peace…

I was having a hard time improving some of my own back and neck problems that were bothering me as a result of many accidents in my youth. My ribs were off to the right and I had referred pain down my legs. I was hunched over, my sacrum hurt to lay down. I lost the curve in my lumbar spine. After a session with Sherry, my pain went from an 8 to a 4 in twenty minutes and standing was a 3. After continued work, my whole body improved. I have less pain and everything feels looser. I can move more freely and am very grateful! I also feel calmer and more at peace.

Gaylene P., Australia

1-Gaylene PWriter’s block is gone!

Sherry is an expert in her field. Her ability for precision with her work on all levels is extraordinary. Her dedication and strongly trained ability for finding and deleting weaknesses and intrusions to clear issues or create changes is beyond normal ability. Sherry’s work allows for the highest potential outcome. It is an astounding experience to have.

Sherry – I went in and felt how you feel and what you do when you work – you are so strongly dedicated to find and chase the cause if necessary – and you have a naturally high level of awareness that you see beyond what the person can possibly see for him/herself. I am still astounded; my writer’s block is gone!