Your First Session with Sherry

I work directly with your highest self to empower you to achieve your best, most fulfilling life. My work is quite different from anything you may have experienced before. Many of my clients experience immediate shifts in their body, consciousnesses, and spirit during the session. 

The benefits of my work begin as soon as you commit to your first session and will continue long after the session has completed. I will provide an mp3 recording of your session so that you can review our words, but more importantly can relive and revive the energy of the session. The work we do will clear and open the energetic channels between your highest self and your physical body, mind and spirit so that you may welcome and embrace your whole, authentic being free from the concepts, stereotypes, and constraints imposed on you by society, family, and your past, including past lives. As this energy flows freely, you will begin to align to the energetic grids most resonant for you.

Soul Whisperer…

Sherry is the soul whisperer and working with her is like having a trusted friend go into the deepest corners of your soul, intuitively hone in on the deepest wounds that have kept you stuck in fear for God knows how long, and quickly heal and release them. Sherry’s work is all-encompassing. It spans through this lifetime, past lives, ancestral lines, the collective, so she really gets to the nitty-gritty of our challenges and issues.

Sometimes Sherry can get to everything in one session, sometimes several sessions are needed to release it all depending on how deep or ancient it is. But in either case, the relief you feel is immediate, especially if you are triggered at the time she works on you.  My sessions with Sherry are all that and so much more. She gave me information on the next steps of my journey that were so far removed from my awareness it would have taken me a lot more time, stress, and frustration to get to. It is a precious gift.

  •  Joumana Nasr, Precious Victories Coaching, Medical Intuitive, California

Let's Get Started!

Your personal session will include 25 or 50 minutes of focused, personal energetic support from Sherry via phone, Skype or LiveEnergy Download™ (a silent, direct transmission of energy). Phone and Skype calls are recorded and you will receive an mp3 audio energetic recording of the call. For LiveEnergy Download™ sessions you will receive an email from Sherry. But, remember, the session is much more than just the time you spend together. You will begin to experience benefits as soon as Sherry is aware of your commitment and will last long after your time together.

25-minute Personal Session - $195

50-minute Personal Session - $377

Once you have completed your first session, you will be eligible for special pricing on future sessions.