"The Authentic Heart mp3: This for me brought in the dolphins, aligned me to my core, perfect calming and neutrality on a much higher level I felt safe and secure.

Clearing for Sovereignty mp3: This was incredible. I created my own grid that felt so good and secure. I felt all energies leaving and I said goodbye to my deceased mom.

Ignite Your Creative Soul mp3: This was incredible. For the first time I heard the voice of my inner child.

Since working with you my vision has been restored permanently. In one month my eyes have been cleared."

Jacque C., Washington


"Dearest Sherry, my session with you was absolutely wonderful! You immediately put me at ease with your warm and friendly personality. You got right to work and it was the best healing session I have EVER had! The energy was very powerful. The things that you quickly picked up on were right on and you cleared things so quickly. I could feel every clearing. Afterwards I was dizzy and so happy. I definitely feel different! My intestinal issues are better and some deep emotional issues were significantly shifted! Thank you very much!"

Deonna P., Oregon


"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. I still cannot believe so much can be cleared in one session. I feel energy blocks releasing, my skin is soft like when I was a teenager, my emotional eating has gone, and so much more. I am grateful to you for this, listening to your recording again."

Pjerina H., Slovenia


"I am SO much appreciating the session we had - I also listened to the Expanding Creativity mp3 download today - & LOVE these energies & am looking forward to the calls, and continuing! I feel more than ever inspired to surrender to my creativity."

Sarah F., New York

Sherry's August 11th Conversation with Eram


Ignite Your Creative Soul

Sherry has created a new package of Classes and LiveEnergy Downloads™ including:

  • 5 New mp3 Energy Recordings
  • 5 New mp3 PureEnergy Downloads™ 
  • 4 Live Transformation Calls, live Q&A, with recording
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Ignite Your Creative Soul


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