An Easter Gift from Sherry...

I grew up with sunrise services on Easter morning. I loved the idea of rising with the sun and spending my private inward moments in a crowd of sleepy people wanting to celebrate something greater than they thought themselves to be. Me being me, I had my own inward experience, feeling the flow of the Christos through me, listening to inner teachers give me an alternative understanding of the gospel. I have always believed we all have the capacity to grow and expand our soul and be as bright as we are willing to be.
When my family returned home there was always an Easter basket, of course a throwback to Ishtar and old goddesses of fertility. A way we bridged ancient celebrations with newer ones. Today I invite you to also celebrate a newer version of consciousness, a few gifts within your inner Easter basket. Give them fertile ground in your core this year.


Love and accept yourself in all the ways you are still discovering. Each time we integrate our fractal selves we also accept ourselves and our soul's journeys more deeply. Each of us are doing this; rejoice each time a prodigal part of yourself returns home to your wholeness.  Even a nightly request, "Teach me to Accept and Love myself." 

We are in a turning of the ages so to speak and it's time to upgrade and bury old patterns and beliefs and to let the unneeded go. That means we may have grief that surfaces. Elizabeth Kubler Ross did a brilliant job describing the stages of grief that come in many ways and sometimes shift on our way to acceptance. Denial, anger, bargaining,  depression and finally, acceptance. Love the part of yourself that may be visiting one of these stages, love it home. In my private sessions I have seen a lot of these stages lately.
Integrating fractal pieces of your soul
and lifting your consciousness
is an act of ascension within the body. 
Our ability to integrate is accelerated by our alignment. Our connection to source. pure and clear. Our ability to quiet our mind chatter, to hear our inner truth and our willingness to turn on the light so we can replenish ourselves. This is how we keep the porch light on, how we invite our consciousness to transcend.
What do you declare within your core? The old adage, for my highest and best good is simply the declaration that the only energies you accept are for your benefit. That benefit is your connection to source and your core or your soul's evolution.  Let your resonance be what that is. When I am in an inner struggle, I find peace in remembering that I can rest in the alignment always working to my soul's benefit. We are always creating, always choosing life (or not). Choose life.
Let your light shine. Let it shine, let it shine…
Take a moment today and be grateful for something, even the simplest of gratitude opens up our ability to receive and love and renew.
I am grateful for you! And happy our lives have crossed this year.