Package A: Alchemy of the Heart

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Flaming Heart2

Transformative Live Calls

The transformative group calls will be at least 60 minutes. Links to replays and downloadable recordings will be posted shortly after the call and a reminder email with the link will be sent to you when they are posted. If you are not able to attend the live call, the replay will have the same energies for you as listening live.

Prune the Family Tree Live Call (Item 9)

Call of Saturday July 30th

The call begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. Free yourself and loved ones from family genetic patterns we knowingly and unknowingly adopt, limiting emotional patterns and programs, or familial programs such as hierarchical, lack of safety, misogyny, co-dependence, resentments, and jealousy.

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When we let go of our fear and resistance, we are integrating the parts of ourselves attached to certain outcomes that interfere with our best creation. When we integrate our fractal parts we empower our most refined creations. 

Your Evolved Radiant Self Live Call (Item 11)

Call of Saturday August 6th

The call begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. We will use a process to assist you showing up in the world as your unique authentic self. Techniques for how to be yourself in challenging situations with others. For those who have set goals for this program we will discuss ways you can increase your success.

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Be love in motion.
Let a fierce, loving self acceptance joyfully swim in your core,
inviting the integration of your resistance to grace.
Let it live in your blood and bones.
Your wholeness activates your greatest potential.

Transformative Modules

These transformative modules are approximately 90 minutes or more. The recordings deliver the same energies for you as listening live.

"I'm enjoying all the calls immensely. I love the approach of inviting the fractal parts of ourselves to be integrated, returning home to wholeness. It's brilliant in every sense of the word. I'm now ready to integrate all those pieces and invite those gifts into their rightful place, right here, right now!"

Evolution of Your Wholeness Module (Item 7)

This is the foundational module to anchor your identification of your Authentic energies and expressions of your body, mind and spirit. The module begins with body, mind and spirit balance and attachment clearings. In this module we will be clearing your energetic field to support the higher vibrations that will prepare the heart for greater soul synthesis. We will be synchronizing with some very high vibrations of Christos energies, a loving, accepting energy that aligns your wholeness with your soul’s purpose while initiating heart expansion.

Release your fears, empower yourself, and balance wholeness for an effective life. Neutralize shame, blame, inadequacy, abandonment, self-hatred, discounting your value, disassociation, and abuse, wounds that often appear before the age of seven or pre-birth.

Evolution of Your Wholeness Module:

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Return to Self-love Module (Item 8)

The module begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. Immerse yourself in the deepest most intimate self-love you can experience. Fully loving all aspects of your soul. Love the unlovable parts of yourself you may be rejecting or throwing away. Clearing or resolving resistance and saboteurs.

Return to Self Love Module:

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"Thank you for the wonderful call. It was the first time in a long time I could feel my heart open and it felt really nice..." 

Please honor yourself by letting gratitude well within you. If you are triggered, then love that part. Keeping loving it, all the way through. Let the gratitude flow through you. And then love the part that feels gratitude to supercharge it. -Sherry 

Emergence of the Authentic Self Module (Item 10)

The module begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. Ignite the alchemy found in the fractal magic of the transmutation, empowerment, love, and intelligence. Experience your unique genius, bring back lost talent. It's time to let the world see the authentic you - your true expression.

Emergence of the Authentic Self module:

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Rebirth Into The New Earth Module (Item 11)

Align your body, mind and spirit with The New Earth, rebirth yourself in The New Earth consciousness and realign yourself to your conception through your first seven years. This a chance to let go of very early patterns we absorb at conception, through birth, and in our early years of development. Delete and reset patterns of value, shame and guilt. We take you through a process of designing our sanctuary so we can feel our calm and rejuvenate ourselves.

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Special Bonus!

Prune The Family Tree (Recorded Group Call)

This is the recording of the call held December 27th, 2015. 

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Before You Listen to the mp3s

Six of these are guided activations and each has a unique energetic signature for your transformation. The eightPure Energy downloads are silent and for many people are quite powerful. Listen to what you intuitively feel is right for you. the mp3s are designed to align you to a new paradigm and if emotions come up for you, repeat listening will assist.

Item 1 - The Golden Blanket: Experience your Sovereign Self

A beautiful combination of energies and colors designed to assist you in in feeling your authentic empowered self. This energy assists you in returning to you sovereign inner authority. After the alignment the energy gently releases energies of criticism, harshness or self-loathing that may have kept you from your empowered alignment.

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Item 2 - The Pure Love Connection (Alchemy of the Heart)

Guided activation to embody unconditional love. This mp3 guides you into heart integration with fractal soul pieces where we balance our relationship inequalities and integrate our saboteurs, worries for others and balance our empowered self, loving self and wise self.

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Item 3 - Inner Treasure

Bringing back the talents and gifts lost to you using the alchemy of pure divine love. This guided activation and integrations brings the inner treasure into your awareness, previous inaccessible resources and talents can be uncovered and integrated.

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Item 4 - Lifting the Veils of Illusion

Experience feeling the energies of the truth of who you are and letting go what is in your way of this. We align with earth, universal energies and source. We specifically look for confusions, emotions or indecisions that are limiting our wholeness and self-love.

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Item 5 - Inner Shifts for Outer Freedom

Guided activation for living with your authentic upgraded life. During this guided energy work we find the part of ourselves that is looking for love outside of ourselves and empower the aligned flow of loving the self deeply. We discovered our fractal soul pieces and seeking love in painful patterns that generally end with more pain.

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Item 6 - Unwinding Shame

Acknowledge and integrate known and unknown shame holding you back from your authentic self. We gently identify and remove heavy energies or low frequencies of shame and the patterns that hold it within your body. A unique guided activation with the additional energies of The Golden Blanket, Unconditional Love, and Delete Delusions, Illusions and Projections. This is quite a powerful activation and is best experienced after listening to some of the other mp3's in this set.

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Bonus Item 12 - PureEnergy Download™ 
Delete Servitude, Degradation, and Co-Dependence Patterns

This PureEnergy Download™ subtly lifts these destructive programs out of your energetic field. Unwind and transform the sense of service as an obligation, putting other adults’ needs ahead of our own, or moments known or unknown of degradation.

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Bonus Item 13 - PureEnergy Download™ 
Delete Manipulation, Pity, Sympathy from self and others

This PureEnergy Download™ unwinds and transforms memories of being manipulated or manipulating others, programs of pity where we can weaken others by feeling it or them feeling it for us, sympathy which is less than unconditional love. A more powerful and loving reflection for anyone under any circumstance.

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Bonus Item 14 - PureEnergy Download™ 
Delete Delusions, Illusions and Projections from self and others

This PureEnergy Download™ is designed to unwind and transform patterns of illusion, delusions and projection making our energetic field weak. These can be from us, society, or other people we know.

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Bonus Item 15 - PureEnergy Download™ 
The Golden Blanket: Experience your Sovereign Self

This is a download of energies that appear golden but have many other colors and frequencies within them. It assists in calming the field, restoring the understanding of sovereignty and unconditional love.

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Bonus Item 16 - PureEnergy Download™ 
Unconditional Love

For those moments you need to lift your energy and feel a virtual hug.

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Bonus Item 17 - PureEnergy Download™ 
Delete Guilt

Let go of old or new guilt feelings you have been carrying.

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Bonus Item 18 - PureEnergy Download™ 
Delete Unhealthy Competition, Comparisons, Feeling of Lacking

Finally let go of old unhealthy competition, comparisons, feelings of lack and being inadequate.

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Bonus Item 19 - PureEnergy Download™ 
Soul Fusion

Layered with Ultraviolet Crystal Synthesis Energy, this PureEnergy Download™ will empower you to synthesize the shifts you are making.

Delivers your unique synthesis of soul alignment using colors and frequencies beyond usual range. Colors and a unique range of violet, white and opalescent energies.

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