Transformation Call Recordings

These recordings of the live transformation calls are approximately 90 minutes. The replays deliver the same energies for you as listening live.

Align to Wholeness

This is the foundational call to anchor your identification of your authentic energies and expressions of your body, mind and spirit.

The call begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. Release fears, empower yourself, and balance wholeness for an effective life. Neutralize shame, blame, inadequacy, abandonment, self-hatred, discounting your value, disassociation, and abuse, wounds that often appear before the age of seven or pre-birth.

Replay of the Align to Wholeness call (part 1):

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Replay of the Align to Wholeness call (part 2):

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"Whoa!!!! What an abundant, rich, empowering and deeply heartfelt call! Thank you Sherry! You are amazing! Love..."

  • Love and integrate everything that comes up
  • Use your mp3s in this package to help you stream unconditional love to all the disconnected parts of yourself.
  • Every area of your life improves with wholeness
  • You have every reason to love all the disintegrated parts of yourself and return to wholeness
What is integration?
It's loving your fractal soul pieces or parts of your consciousness. This is the process of bringing the disintegrated parts ready to integrate back to you. I use the heart to do this and love that aspect of myself as it has never been loved before with pure unconditional love.
What is meant by "initiation energies"?
Initiation energies will go hand and hand with this program. Many people will decide to return to wholeness as a deeper commitment and participate in the new paradigm. It is a commitment to the depths of your soul. It is recognizing you no longer want to live in a state of feeling split or cut off from your empowerment or self value.

Please honor yourself by letting gratitude well within you. If you are triggered, then love that part. Keeping loving it, all the way through. Let the gratitude flow through you. And then love the part that feels gratitude to supercharge it. -Sherry

Return to Self-love

The call begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. Immerse yourself in the deepest most intimate self-love you can experience. Fully loving all aspects of your soul. Love the unlovable parts of yourself you may be rejecting or throwing away. Clearing or resolving resistance and saboteurs.

Replay of the Return to Self Love call:

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"Thank you for the wonderful call. It was the first time in a long time I could feel my heart open and it felt really nice..." 

Prune the Family Tree

The call begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. Free yourself and loved ones from family genetic patterns we knowingly and unknowingly adopt, limiting emotional patterns and programs, or familial programs such as hierarchical, lack of safety, misogyny, co-dependence, resentments, and jealousy.

Replay of the Prune the Family Tree call:

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"I'm enjoying all the calls immensely. I love the approach of inviting the fractal parts of ourselves to be integrated, returning home to wholeness. It's brilliant in every sense of the word. I'm now ready to integrate all those pieces and invite those gifts into their rightful place, right here, right now!"

Be love in motion.
Let a fierce, loving self acceptance joyfully swim in your core,
inviting the integration of your resistance to grace.
Let it live in your blood and bones.
Your wholeness activates your greatest potential.

Emergence of the Authentic Self

Call begins with body, mind, and spirit balance and attachment clearings. Ignite the alchemy found in the fractal magic of the transmutation, empowerment, love, and intelligence. Experience your unique genius, bring back lost talent. It's time to let the world see the authentic you - your true expression.

Replay of the Emergence of the Authentic Self call:

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When we let go of our fear and resistance, we are integrating the parts of ourselves attached to certain outcomes that interfere with our best creation. When we integrate our fractal parts we empower our most refined creations. -Sherry