Welcome to Sherry Phillips Swatek's

21-days of LiveEnergy Download
and Essential Dolphin Energies Weekend

Sherry will provide 21-days of daily refining and amplifying personal energy grids for any purpose you desire. Each participant will receive personal energy daily. We will be building an energetic scaffolding of sacred geometry and universal harmonics to:

  • Improve your physical symptoms
  • Resolve negative thought patterns
  • Increase abundance and self esteem
  • Increase your passion for life and creativity
  • Connect to pure love

Complete our event with a weekend of angelic and loving dolphin energies. Experience joy, self-love, creative boost, rejuvenation, playfulness and bliss.

Monday April 18th will be the first day of the 21 days of LiveEnergy Download™. 

Listen to the initiation call replay:

Click to download the recording to your computer:

Tuesday May 10th will be the last day of the 21 days of LiveEnergy Download™.

Saturday May 7th will be the first day of the Essential Dolphin Energies Weekend.

Sunday May 8th will be the last day of the Essential Dolphin Energies Weekend.

LiveEnergy Downloads™ and the Metaphysical Grids

The Metaphysical Grid is a universal energetic framework that supports all connections, matter and life; everything is interconnected through your personal energy grids in this framework. This process will focus on cleaning, clearing, and repairing your personal energy grids so that you can receive all the support the universe can provide. This process can clarify and simplify the things that have been chronically blocking you in your life and will facilitate moving through obstacles. The more connected you are to your personal grids, the more aligned you are to the symphony of universal energy. This "tune-up" begins to synchronize your personal grid, bringing a new level of fluidity and ease to your manifestations and your play.

This unique event includes 21 days of daily energy amplifying and building grids for any purpose you desire. Each participant will receive personal energy daily.