21 Days of LiveEnergy Download™
and Essential Dolphin Energy Weekend

Our rise in consciousness happens in cycles. The new cycle is to build the grids to supercharge our conscious connections. We are shifting our perceptions of how our world works in all aspects of our lives. As our grids expand, the light from source and our intent is woven upon it. We can connect more precisely, we can manifest faster, and we can shift our health quicker and be in harmony with the earth and universal expansion. 

Wishing for another 21 days…

"Sherry, just saying Thank You doesn’t feel like enough! Remember all that work stress I was feeling?  Yesterday I was ready to resign by 9 am & right before I was able to tell them I had decided to leave I got the news I have been dreaming of; I was being transferred back to my old accounts. How is that for manifesting??!! I enjoyed a fabulous light happy day today, I haven’t felt this good in ages.

"I have seen & felt so many wonderful things over the last 21 days that I am wishing for another 21 days. Sherry your offer spoke to me in so many ways when I first learned of it. After 3 years of not buying things, my heart just felt this was the one thing I really should purchase for myself & I took the plunge before I could talk myself out of it."

~ Lisa B., Massachusetts

Empower Your Personal Transformation

  • 21 Days of LiveEnergy Download™ - April 18th to May 10th
  • Dolphin Weekend May 7th and 8th
  • Invite 2 guests to join you
  • Downloadable recording of the Initiation call

All this for just $97.00! Join us to align with upgraded energies for our current energetic shifts. During the 21 days, the grids will work as an energetic scaffolding of sacred geometry and universal harmonics.